Vocabulary Enhancement Concept

Vocabulary Concept
Students of Class III and some of them from IV and V


In order to speak a language, every child must have a good source of words in their brains. Generally, a child can easily speak local languages but they cannot speak secondary languages easily due to lack of good vocabulary for secondary languages. In Sikkim, every school (both Govt. and private) is the English medium School and children are facing language problem in some extent. EVS, Maths, Social Science and General Science are only written and taught in English language whereas some other states of India, they are written and taught in Hindi or local languages.

I have recently initiated to learn new words everyday for the children. I purchased some small pocket sized diaries and distributed to the all the students of class III and some students of IV and V.


A Pocket Sized Diary, a pencil (click-pencil if possible), textbooks or any reliable source for new words for each student/child.


  1. Everyday, students have to carry the diaries with them wherever they go (even on holidays as well).

  2. Students have to write down new words with meaning daily on their diaries on the basis of textbooks or referring any source. They can take help from teachers, parents or anyone.

  3. They will have to remember only one or maximum five words per day but continuously.

  4. When they are free in the class or their classes are off; walking on the way; free at home, they just need to recall the words in their mind frequently without speaking. And using those words, try to make some sentences verbally if possible but they don't need to write on their diaries.

  5. Teachers can check their diaries and what they are remembering and writing.


  1. It helps to understand the secondary languages with reading, writing and speaking.

  2. It boosts up to learn English, EVS, Maths, Social Science, General Science and any other subjects written in secondary languages.

  3. It builds thinking or memory power for the children.

Daring, South Sikkim

Date: 16 November 2019

Sancha Bir Subba

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