The Perceptions: Short Fictions and Reflections by Sancha Bir Subba

Updated: Jul 1

The Perceptions: Short Fictions and Reflections written by Sancha Bir Subba

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Reason for publishing this book -- I was doing a course, Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCE), that a final report on DCE 06 is to be published. I think this book will be an example book as a source of motivation for DCE learners in IGNOU. Besides, this book has stories to narrate to you that reflect our society and the modern world along with social issues, politics, murders, robberies, unfulfilled desires, superstitious beliefs, sufferings, love and enjoyment depicted in eight short stories and five poems. Besides, this book binds women's empowerment, the concept of a model village, the needs of ordinary people, and encouragement for social activists and pet lovers.

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