Sancha Bir Receives Children's Day 2019 Greetings being a Teacher

On Children's Day 2019 with Pema Lhamu Ma'm

The Children's Day reminds my childhood. We know when we are young, depend on parents or elderly people and we don't need to take a huge responsibilities on our shoulders. And the childhood is just like a lump of clay, really proper time to shape into a good human being.

On Children's Day 2019 with Sandup Sir

This year, the day of Children's day takes me to the flashback of my childhood and set a very memorable moments in my life.

On Children's Day 2019 with Sangay Ma'm

I feel honoured to celebrate the Children's Day with my teachers along with my students in the same school, where I received my education in the past.

Heart-touching, Memorizing and Eye-catching Gift from Sandup Sir on the Children's Day 2019.

I'm extremely beholden to my teachers: Madam Sushila Khawas, Madam Navika Kafley, Madam Tika Devi Sharma, Madam Pema Lhamu Bhutia, Sir Ajit Kumar Pradhan, Sir Karma Sandup Bhutia, Madam Sangay Choden Bhutia, Madam Manisha Rai, Miss Passang Lhamu Sherpa, Sir Bikram Tamang, Sir Gokul Prasad Subedi, Madam Tika Maya Gurung and all my teachers for remembering and greeting as one of your students. I wish them that they will achieve more and more and be successful in the teaching field in the days to come.

Happy belated Children's Day 2019 to all my beloved students and learners.

Daring, South Sikkim

Date: 16 November 2019

Sancha Bir Subba

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