Sancha Bir Greets his Teachers on Teachers' Day 2019

Auditorium Section (Class LKG to VIII) of Bermiok Tokal SSS on Teachers' Day Celebrations 2019

Without your invaluable lessons and perpetual inspiration, I may not be what I am, now. I bow down my head with folding hands in front you and pay a profound veneration to your profession and services offering to a million pupils. Teaching is a profession which lets transformation of education from one generation to another. Fortunately, time permitted me to work with some of my teachers who taught me in my studentship, in the same school. It is a really deep contentment of my profession and I love to continue with.

The Class Three Students greeted me with their Khadas and gifts observing the Teachers' Day 2019.

I never feel antipathy towards my teachers even they detest me in my every activity. Moreover, I always learn to make a medicine from a poisonous brain rather to be poisonous. Nevertheless, I may have some noxious tendency because I'm a human, not a supreme being.

A selfie with the class three students who are very curious to learn and never want to miss my class.

I celebrated the third Teachers’ Day in my profession on Thursday the 5th September 2019. I'm deeply beholden to all my teachers who are friends, guides, mentors, philosophers and the like in my lifelong journey of education.

Receiving a Token of Love from Students

Happy Teachers' Day!


Wishing A Happy Teachers' Day with Greeting Cards to my teachers.

Ma'm Tika Maya Gurung, one of my PPT.

I'm really lucky to get you (Ma'm Tika Maya Gurung) as a pioneer in my journey of formal education, who taught me in Class Pre-primary, especially, nursery from Abc. Sometimes, I didn't do my homework for your class, and you beat me with stick by scolding. And you taught me to write holding me hand. You stressed on each alphabet to teach me. If you didn't so, I mightn't be what I am, now. Thank you so much and God bless you ma'm. Stay happy and hope to see you smile on your face always.

Ma'm, Tika Devi Sharma, of my PPT.

Time permitted me to work with you (Ma'm Tika Devi Sharma) in the same school as a teacher. I still remembered you taught me in class one. You are a great initiator for helping me to climb on the stairs of education. I'm deeply grateful to you for enlightening me to see this world with my third eyes. Hope to see you happy and smile on your lips.

Ma'm Navika Kafley, one of my PRT.

In my ongoing education, you (Ma'm Navika Kafley) have added grandeur and grasped my hand to cross the bridge of Primary level. You taught me in class three. Whenever I didn't show my homework for your class, you censured at me and sometimes, you hit me with stick also. Fortunately, time let me to work with you in the same school. Whatever I am, now, is the consequence of your bitter scolding, punishments, sit-up, etc. Thank you so much and hope to see you happy and a smile on your face always.

Sir Karma Sandup Bhutia, one of my teachers in Class Six.

I still remembered the Social Studies class taken by you (Sir Karma Sandup Bhutia) in class Six. At the last bench, I used to sit with my friends. Whenever you asked me questions, I just stood up by bowing my head without looking at your face, instead of answering your questions. You hit my with stick, sometimes, rubber scale, which made me a lot of pain. And I studied at home because of your fear. Ultimately, I'm able to work with you as a teacher. This is what you see on me is a plant taken care up by you in the past. God bless you and stay happy and evergreen.

Sir Gokul Prasad Subedi, one of my teachers in Class Six

A few terms of science is still on my ears; Biology, Zoology, Botany and some others, that you (Sir Gokal Pd. Subedi) taught me in Class Six. In your class none of us got bore and very clear to understand. Although I couldn't able to be a science student, luckily, I'm able to work with you in the same institution. Your support and guidance are still needy to continue my career leading to the pinnacle of success. Thank you sir and hope to see you happy and splendid life ahead.

Sir Ajit Kumar Pradhan, one of my Graduate Teachers.

Whenever I went to my language class (in class IX), I met you (Sir Ajit Kumar Pradhan) with swing a long stick. And you just teased me with that stick but I was afraid of you. Some of friends said you are very strict and students have to learn with your reverence. There were two sections in class IX; I was from section 'B' and you taught in section 'A'. Nevertheless, you were a teacher in my studentship and still you are my teacher, mentor, guide, friend and the like. Hope to see you always happy and a smile on your face.

Ma'm Pema Lhamu Bhutia, one of PG Teachers.

I faintly remembered that you (Ma'm Pema Lhamu Bhutia) used to ask us, "Bujiyo" (understood) in every plot, paragraph after explaining. And we used to reply, "Yes, Ma'm". But in reality, only some of us have understood. Why we used to reply so? We have a fear that if we said 'No' we would have to tell a particular plot or any part which we didn't understand. Actually, we were not clear what we didn't understand. But I never got fail in your subject. We might be your first batch students in your profession. And I never remember that you rebuked us regarding the subject or class. Fortunately, I am one of your students and able to work with you in the same school. Thank you so much and hope to see you happy and a smile on your face always.

Sir Bikram Tamang, one of my D.El.Ed. RPs.

It might be written in my forehead that I could able to get you (Sir Bikram Tamang) as a trainer or resource person of D.El.Ed., who is senior to me and working in the same institution. Even the Study Centre also set up in our school. It seems everything is pre-planned by God. I learnt something apart from your training that you explain or interpret the content or plot, is to be delivered in a particular session or class, you make it spontaneously rather than pre-planned. In your class, I experienced the both things, curiosity and fear to learn new things. God bless you and have a smile on your lips always.

Ma'm Sangay Choden Bhutia, one of my teachers and trainers.