Result of Essay Writing Competitions in Limboo Language.

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Asewaro Adhangba/adhangmase,

1st Winner: Mr. SHREE LAL SUBBA, Chotta Samdong, West Sikkim. 2nd Winner: Mr. KHUSUHANG TAMLING, Darap, West Sikkim.

This Essay Writing Competition in Limboo Language might be ever first time in the world. We are so pleased and grateful to those who took part in the Competition.

The first winner of the Competition goes to Mr. Shree Lal Subba of Chotta Samdung, West Sikkim and he is awarded with a Certificate and a Cash Prize Rs. 2,000/-.

The second winner of the Competition goes Mr. Khusuhang Tamling of Darap, West Sikkim and he is awarded with a certificate and a Cash Prize Rs. 1,000/-.

The cash prizes are sponsored by our group creator, Mr. Man Kirathang from Assam. A big thanks goes to him for generating interest towards and a boon of contributions in order to resurrect the Limboo Language.

I, on behalf of WLP, extend my gratitude to Mr. Ram Sing Angthupo Limbu(from United Arab Emirates.-Dubai) and Mr. Sagar Kerung (from Nepal) for supporting us to finalize the result of the Competition.

The First winning essay is published on the website, click here to read.

Happy New year 2019


Sancha Bir Subba, Head Admin

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