Making Some Memories in 4th Chasok Tangnam at Ranipool

A photograph with the Singer Brahim Sherma and other prestigious guests of 4th Chasok Tangnam.

The Chasok Tangnam is a most important festival of Limboo community among other festivals. In ancient time, Limboo people used to celebrate the Chasok Tangnam festival at home with the first harvest being offered to Yuma Sammang (Limbu ancestor goddess) and other deities. They worship and thank Yuma, God Theba, and other deities for a successful harvest of the year. Limboos conduct Chasok worship according to their will and schedule throughout the month of Senchengla/Mangsir and not on any specific date.

Recently, the Chasok Tangnam is being celebrated by making a fixed venue and gathering there. In Sikkim, for the first time the grand celebrations of Chasok Tangnam was initiated by Neeyara Productions and its team in the year 2016, which was celebrated at Samarsa Khet, near Ranipool. Subsequently, the Tangnam was being celebrated at the same place till the last year. The 4th Chasok Tangnam was celebrated at Ranipool Mela grounds. The Tangnam was presided by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Sikkim, Shri P.S. Tamang and, ministers, bureaucrats, highly intellectual persons, dignitaries, other prestigious guests and crowd of Limboo people. The melodious voice and presence of Miss Sunita Thegim and Mrs. Brahim Sherma, the prominent singers from Nepal added the grandeur to the Tangnam. It was memorial memonts for Limboo community across the globe. The Tangnam was of three days, comprised with different traditional songs, dances, and other events.

With Limboo Dancers of Nepali

A huge credits goes to Neeyara Production and its team for reviving the Chasok Tangnam, which contributes for keeping it alive in the days to come and bringing harmony and unity among the Limboos.

Note: Correct spelling of Tongnam is Tangnam. It is correct phonetically. But Tongnam is not appropriate as per the Limboo pronunciation and phonetics. So, I suggest everyone that you should write Tangnam in place of Tongnam like Chasok Tangnam, Kakphekwa Tangnam etc.

Daring, South Sikkim

Date: 09 December 2019

Sancha Bir Subba

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