How to make money online by selling digital products with Instamojo?

Updated: May 28, 2020


There are millions of YouTube Videos on how to make money online. Some people are earning their livelihoods by working online with Google AdSense, Affiliating markets, selling digital products and many more. Everyone is in hurry to make money online with YouTube videos, blogs, and websites and so on. But everyone is not successful at making money online because s/he might not have right idea or perfect guidance. You can try to make money online after watching YouTube videos but you cannot make money as they said. And I have seen some of you are downloading apps from Google Playstore and install in your cell phone. I know, you will get instantly 2 to 5 rupees. You will be happy and ask your friends to install the apps. The friends will install the apps, some commissions will be given to you. Again, you will be happy. This process will run for a month or a year but it cannot help you for your living and cannot be last forever. Finally, you will realise that you can’t do anymore. But do you know how to make money online in reality? Have ever been gone through practical manual helps? Have you ever read eBooks of making money online before you give a try?

My Experience

I am sharing my experience on how to make money online. I was so curious make money online and make my livelihood. I had tried a lot and learnt so many theories and tips from internet and YouTube videos. You can’t believe me that I have registered on more than 20 ads clicking and survey sites. Even I have registered on product reviewing or writing jokes, sms and so on. Not only that I have also registered on writing the comments of and watching YouTube videos. And hoping to receiving payment online, I have registered on more than 5 online payment websites such as paypal, payumoney, skrill, payza, payoneer etc. But my accounts on all these banks are empty. I’m sorry to say that I wasted my time and money nearly 5 years.

After so many trials, I realised that now I can’t make money online anymore. One day, I was watching a YouTube Video that a man was telling us how to hack someone WhatsApp or Facebook account. But he didn’t give his tutorial video on YouTube. He told us that the link of complete tutorial video is given in the description of the video. I clicked the link which took me to Instamojo. I just read the description of product but I didn’t make a purchase. I don’t mean we are going be a hacker. What I learnt here that he is selling his videos on Instamojo which is completely free and zero investment. I searched out Instamojo on Google. And I thought, I will give the last try that I signed up on Instamojo immediately. But I don’t have anything to sell over there. And I don’t know about digital products, learnt it from google. Instantly, I designed a front Cover page of an assignment and upload it to my account. Three days went without any payment from Instamojo. From the fourth day onwards, I received an email from Instamojo about payment. Slowly, within two weeks I made rupees 1500/-. Again, I added a product to my account, I made more than the earlier. Finally, what I want to tell you that stop installing apps or sharing links; believing on fraud videos, messages or anything that claims you to make money online. Honestly, I assure you that nobody will give you money for free or without any work. And you do not think that working on internet will make you richer very shortly. It takes time and your dedication. Sure, you will earn your livelihood but you must have a steady passion towards your work.

Do you want to learn for making money online before you give a try? If yes, you can purchase my eBook online. It’s guaranteed that you will starting receiving payment within a week.

Rs. 40.00

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Product Description

It's an eBook that how to make a digital product and sell it online. The eBook is a guide for those who want to make money from home or in your leisure time or in your holidays. It's guaranteed that you can start receiving payment within a week.

1. Product is in PDF, Medium: English, Size: A4, and total page: 23.

2. Complete Tutorial is given for how to make money online by selling digital products with Instamojo.

3. Before you make a purchase, I want to tell you that you must be familiar with few things which are internet and basic computer applications, especially, Ms-word. You must have an android phone and a computer.

4. You can start making money online from thousand to lakhs with zero investment. It is guaranteed.

5. Payment proof is given in the pdf.

6. Once paid, your money will not be refunded because I have given you in discount and it’s almost free.

7. Download link will appear after payment, also a download link with purchase invoice will delivered to your mailbox. (Enter Valid Email ID correctly)

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You can also purchase the eBook from Instamojo with net-banking, google wallet etc, Click here.

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