First Time in my life received a Letter of Felicitation

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

“Struggling alone in every step of life won’t be futile.”

One day, I was returning home after School and about to pass nearby Church, “Brother, this Sunday, will you be free?” The pastor says.

“I think, I will be free.”

“So, this Sunday is fixed, I will send you the invitation card also. We are celebrating Christmas Day on 25th December 2018. You must attend...” He says.

A few days later, I received the invitation card from a neighbour and read it.

It was just before the Christmas day, in the evening, I went to Singtam for some shopping of a Thanksgiving programme to our D.El.Ed. Resource Persons and Mentors, which was scheduled to be organized on 26th December 2018. Due to late, I couldn’t return home and stayed in room of one of my staffs for a night. On that day, I was planning to attend the Celebration of Christmas Day after completing the shopping for the Thanksgiving programme. Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete the shopping on time and couldn’t call him for that. In the evening, I returned home, I saw a Letter of Felicitation from AG Church and read it. My sister told me that it was brought by our neighbouring uncle.

In my life, yet so, I didn’t expect for a Letter of Felicitation. Really, it was an amazement and incredible moment in my life. With reference to the Letter of Felicitation, I was felicitated for an exemplary source of inspiration in our society that I have struggled to live my life and to enhance the economic condition of my family, which I’m still struggling for. It was also for writing poems and compositions, which I have published two books online and offline; a collection of poems, “My Heart Utters”, in 2016 and short story book, “A Toil”, in 2018.

I received a Letter of Felicitation from Assembly of God (AG) Church Daring South Sikkim on auspicious occasion, Christmas Day, 25 December 2018 for the first time in my life. With my profound honour, I thank to Mr. Ruben Poudyal, the pastor of AG Church, Daring South Sikkim and his entire church family for their love, care and appreciation towards my work and creative activities. It is really a source of inspiration to me and our human society. I missed out the most memorable day in my life and if you (any member of the church) are reading this, I’m really sorry to say that I couldn’t able to attend.

[I'm not a Christian but they felicitated me on 25th December 2018.]


Daring, South Sikkim

Date: 25 December 2018

Sancha Bir Subba

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