BTSSS felicitates Sancha Bir Subba with A Letter of Appreciation-2019

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

"Enclose your heart in times of need with the steel of your determination and your strength. In doing this, all things will be bearable."

-Lora Leigh

During 15th August 2019
Receiving Felicitation through the hands of Shri. B.S. Panth, Hon'ble Minister, Govt. of Sikkim (left side) and Yap. T.N. Densapa, the Chief Patron of IDCC (right side).

A stunned reward from the Betokain family makes this year the 15th August ineradicable in my heart evermore. It is a great surprise and honour to my hard work, dedication and determination for the cause of education conferred by the Betokain family.

I acknowledged the second time, a Letter of Appreciation from Government Senior Secondary School, Bermiok Tokal, South Sikkim (BTSSS) through the hands of the Chief Guest, Shri B.S. Panth, Honourable Minister for Commerce and industries, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim and Yap. T.N. Densapa, the Chief Patron of the Independence Day Celebration Committee-2019 in a grand celebration of the 73rd Independence Day of India at the School Grounds on Thursday the 15th August 2019. The special event was also witnessed by the other invited worthy personalities, spectators and a huge audience. This credit goes to the venerable Principal, Sir P.R. Sharma (Rizal) for his public-spirited contributions and encouragement towards my various creativities, especially for an application built for making progress report cards from classes LKG to VIII.

I'm deeply indebted to ma’m Rebika Mukhia, Sir Subhang Prakash Subba (Pegha), Sir Karma Sandup Bhutia, Sir Tarachand Chettri and all the staff who have given me a huge inspiration to build and acknowledged the software to use for academic purposes.

In the Letter of Appreciation, they (Betokains) have stated that it is conferred on the grounds of software, literary work, paintings, Limboo Textbook work (for which I had engaged for typesetting and designing Limboo Textbooks from classes I to XII on request of Language Section, HRDD, Government of Sikkim, Gangtok in 2017-18) and the like.

In this context, I'm extremely grateful to my parents who made me whatever I am today and my teachers who enlightened me to see the world through the eyes of wisdom.

This post might not be stunning without the help of Master Karma Sonam Lepcha for capturing the moments of receiving the Letter of Felicitation with the Chief Guest and the Chief Patron, I am really thankful to him.

*Betokain(s): Any member (Teachers, staff or Students) of Government Senior Secondary School, Bermiok Tokal, South Sikkim.

**BTSSS: Bermiok Tokal Senior Secondary School (Government Senior Secondary School, Bermiok Tokal), South Sikkim.

***IDCC: Independence Day Celebration Committee, Bermiok Tokal, South Sikkim.

Daring, South Sikkim

Date: 17 August 2019

Sancha Bir Subba

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