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Updated: Sep 9, 2018

A dream of publishing book offline was successful. I was planning from last year, 2017, but only this year, I got a chance to release my book offline. The book, A TOIL, was released locally at Bermiok Tokal Senior Secondary School (BTSSS), South Sikkim on 13 August, 2018. It was before the celebration of Independance Day of India. On that day, there were inter-school cultural dance competitions and Girls' final football match of Dil Karna Football Tournament. The book was released through the hand of the chief guest, Yap, TN Densapa, guest of honour, Hon'ble minister, Sir GM Gurung,  and special guests, Mr. IB Rai, Bhim Lakhey, Principal Sir PR Sharma, Sir VK Choudhary and Sir S. Khatua from NHPC and many more.

A TOIL, is already published on Amazon in 2017,however, no available for offline. I've personally and locally published the book in order to reach the local readers. 

I'm extremely grateful to IDCC members and school staffs for their cooperation and support towards me. I would like extend my acknowledge to all the well-wishers and my friends.

While releasing my book, few guests have written their blessing words on a copy as a testament.

Yap, Thingley N. Densapa (from Bermiok) says, "I am so happy, that a young gentlement from my village at Bermiok Daring has written an inspiritional book to work hard. I totally agree with him that only hard work and the blessings of the almighty will ensure a bright, wealthy and prosperous future.

My very wishes to this young gentlement."

Sir GM Gurung, Hon'ble Minister says, "Dear Bhai, Sancha Bir Subba. Best of Luck! Go ahead with full spirit of mind and strengths, spread your multiple skills..."

Sir IB Rai, former MLA says, "Congratulations and best of luck for further new creation."

Sir PR Sharma, the Principal (BTSSS) says, "Huge congratulations to emerging talent Bhai Sancha Bir Limboo! You make us proud! keep going and touch the horizon...! Hats off to you...! With best wishes..."

Sir VK Choudhary, CE I/C NHPC says, "There is no substitute to hard work. Congratulation to young author who has done hard work to inspire people for doing hard work. Best wishes."

Sir S. Khatua, CE I/C NHPC says, "Congratulations to this young writer for writing this book. Coming from a small move, his efforts are praise worthy. Keep Writing."

HM Namphing says, "Congratulations and best wishes for future."

Sir Bhim Lakhey, Zilla Panchayat says, "Dear bhai Sancha, I thankfull to you which one movable or non-movable property lapsed in our life. But you have a stable property of life by this book."

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