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Types of Gender

Number | Limboo Grammar

kfNnf | ofSyLI xLKkfg-

Here, Number and its types, definition with examples are given in Limboo and English Language. If you do not know how to read Limboo script then go to the menu: Online Limboo Tutorial>>Basic Course and learn the Limboo scripts. If you get any problem, do let me know in the comment wall or email me at

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kfNnf "Palla" (Number) 

kfNn: kfNnf d[Kgfa[G xLKkfg-glaf cXn-nl v[G dlIV dlIn[SV nX;Xs- gL kfDd]xfCF[G vfglt-tlG sL;lIglt-t[T. sL;lI _ sXt-rXCV sXt-rXCxfCV cfIufCV cfglCV sGV sGxfCV vLg[C k]s-V vLglC d[a]s-V ju[Ff.

Number: A Number is a grammatical category that refers to the count of nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs. It is called as Paal-laa or Palla (Number), e.g. dog, dogs, I, we, this, these, he goes, they go, etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

kfNnf (Paal-laa) : Number, xLKkfg-glaf (hup-paan-ni-ba) : grammatical, cXn-nl (ol-li) : category, dlI (ming) : Name, Noun, dlIn[S (ming-lek) : Pronoun, nX;Xs- (lo-sok) : Adjective, kfDd] (paam-may) : verb, vfglt- (khaa-nit) : count, sL;lI (kusing) : example, sXt-rXC (kot-cho?) : dog, sXt-rXCxfC (kot-cho?ha?) : dogs, cfIufC (aang-gaa?) : I, cfglC (aani?) : we, sG (kan) : this, sGxfC (kan-ha?) : these, vLg[C (khu-nay?) : s/he, vLglC (khu-ni?) : they, ju[Ff (wa-gay-ra) : etcetera. 


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kfNnfF[G kFlS "Pallaren Parik" (Types of Number)

kfNnfclG ;LD;l kFlSsX xMfdf ;LSt[T:_

(1) ylSkfNnfV (2) glkfNnf gL (3) os-kfNnf.

Number can be divided into three types:-

(1) Singular Number, (2) Dual Number and (3)  Plural Number

Note: In Limboo language, a Number is divided into three types based on its use but the dual number may not be applicable in English and some other languages.

(1) ylSkfNnf/Singular Number: 

nTylSFS dgf of rluXs-jfF[G vfglt- sL;lIglt-t[T v[GglG ylSkfNnf d[d[TtLC. sL;lI _ gfSrfV kfMV clIufCV v[g[CV sGV v[GV ju[Ff.

A Singular Number that refers to the count of only one person or thing is called as Thik-paal-laa (Singular Number), e.g. pen, father, I, you (one), this, that, etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

dgf (ma-naa) : person, gfSrf (naak-chaa) : pen, kfM (paa:) : father, kfM (paa) : father, v[G (khen) : that.

(2) glkfNnf/Daul Number: 

g[TplFS dgf;l of rluXs-jf;lF[G vfglt- sL;lIglt-t[T v[GglG glkfNnf d[d[TtLC. sL;lI _ gfSrf;lV kfM;lV cfGplCV v[GplCV ju[Ff.

A Dual Number that refers to the count of only two persons or things is called as Ni-paal-laa (Dual Number), e.g. both pens, both fathers, we two, you two (both of you), etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

g[Tpl (net-chhi) : two, cfGplC (aan-chhi)? : we two (both of us), v[GplC (khen-chhi?) : you two (both of you)

(3) os-kfNnf/Plural Number: 

g[TplgLNn[ oFlS dgfxfC of rluXs-jfxfCF[G vfglt- sL;lIglt-t[T v[GglG os-kfNnf d[d[TtLC. sL;lI _ gfSrfxfCV kfMxfCV cfglCV v[glCV sGxfCV v[GxfCV ju[Ff.


A Plural Number that refers to the count of more than two persons or things is called as Yak-paal-laa (Plural Number), e.g. pens, fathers, we, you (all), these, those, etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

v[GxfC (khen-ha?) : those

Disclaimer: The Pronunciations written in English may not be accurate as per IPA of Limboo Language but it is just for immediate Pronunciation of each word. I have tried to write the pronunciation of each word that sounds almost exact in the language. So, you must watch videos of Number in order to hear the proper pronunciation of Limboo Words or Definitions given in Limboo Langauge.

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