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Types of Noun

Noun | Limboo Grammar

dlI | ofSyLI xLKkfg-

Here, Noun and its types, definition with examples are given in Limboo and English Language. If you do not know how to read Limboo script then go to the menu: Online Limboo Tutorial>>Basic Course and learn the Limboo scripts. If you get any problem, do let me know in the comment wall or email me at

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 dlI "Ming" (Noun) 

dlI:   dlI d[Kgfa[G nTylS ;LTnf v[G dgfV t[GV rluXs-jfV ;LDaXV vfOk- of glIbls-F[G dlI FX. sL;lIdXxGV t]d[GV ;fKkGV sXt-rXCV oIPIV dld-V ;lSV jfu[Ff.

Noun: A Noun is a word that is the name of a person, place, thing, quality, action or idea. It is called as Ming (Noun), e.g. Mohan, India, book, dog, river, love, anger, etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

dlI (ming) : Noun, ;LTnf (sut-laa) : Word, dgf (ma-naa) : Person, t[G (ten) : Place, rluXs-jf (chi-gok-wa) : Thing, ;LDaX (sum-bo) : Quality, vfOk- (khyaap) : Action, of (ya) : Or  , glIbls- (ning-dik) : Idea  , sL;lI (ku-sing) : Example, t]d[G (temen) : India, ;fKkG (saap-pan) : book, sXt-rXC (kohtcho?) : dog, oIPI (yang-ghang) : river, dld- (mim) : love, ;lS (sik) : Anger, ju[Ff (wa-gay-ra) : etcetera. 


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dlIn[G kFlS "Minglen Parik" (Types of noun)

dlIilG if;l kFlSsX xMfdf ;LSt[T:_

(1) c]Ss]dlIV (2) vls-dlIV (3) ;LDdlIV (4) mLdlI gL (5) jfgfDdlI.

Noun can be broadly divided into five types:-

(1) Common Noun, (2) Proper Noun, (3)  Collective Noun, (4) Material Noun and (5) Abstract Noun.

Note: In Limboo language, a Noun is divided into five types based on its use but here, countable and uncountable noun is not applicable.

(1) c]Ss]dlI/Common Noun: 
c]Ss]dlI d[Kgfa[G nTpf ;i- of nLKk[G cfTtlGpfI dgf of rluXs-jfF[G dlI FX. sL;lI _ d[GpLdfC;fMV ofDalTpfCV oIPIV sXclV kfIos-V d[g-bfSV kLV ju[Ff. 

A Common Noun is the name of any person or thing which belongs to same kind or group. It is called as Ek-ke-ming (Common Noun), e.g. girl, man, river, mountain, city, goat, cow, bird, etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

nTpf (laht-chha) : Same, ;i- (song) : Kind; family, nLK (lup) : Group, d[GpLdfC;Mf (men-chhu-ma?sa) : Girl, ofDalTpfC (yaam-bit-chha?) : man, sXcl (koi) : mountain, kfIos- (paang-yak) : city, d[g-bfS (men-daak) : Goat, kL (pu) : bird.

(2) vls-dlI/Proper Noun: 
vls-dlI d[Kgfa[G kwfk-kf (sLTrlaf) dgf of t[Gn[G dlI FX. sL;lI _ ;LxfIV dlgfV t]d[GV sfg-bSV ufIufV rDhDnLIdfV ju[Ff. 

A Proper Noun is the name of a particular person or place. It is called as Khik-ming (Proper Noun), e.g. Suhang, Meena, India, Gangtok, Ganga, Mt. Everest,  etc.


k]Ff | Word Meaning

kwfk-kf (pa-dhaap-paa) : Particular, sfg-bS (kaan-dak) : Gangtok, rDhDnLIdf (cham-jam-lung-ma) : Mt. Everest.

(3) ;LDdlI/Collective Noun: 
;LDdlI d[Kgfa[G dgfxfC of rluXs-jfxfCF[G nTylS ;LI of nLKk[G dlI FX. sL;lI _ tLFfV rLDnLIV ofSmfV oIhL (d[GpfDnLK)V sLFLKV ;SjfnLKV ifnLKV nLKV xLKnSV cXbfIjf nLKV ;xfIoLS nLKV jfxlSnfcXaf dgfnLKV ;fDd]u[GnLKV j[dLSnLKV ;fSv]jf nLKV rLDeXV clnf nLKV o[hDV sLwfs-V rSnfV tfIaf jfxlTV ju[Ff. 

A Collective Noun is the name of a collection or group of persons or things. It is called as Sum-ming (Collective Noun), e.g. army, meeting, class, crowd, flock, swarm, shoal, group, gang, mob, staff, crew, choir, orchestra, panel, board, Troupe, Pile, Heap, Stack, Series, Shower,  etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

nTylS (lat-thik) : One, ;LI (sung) : Collection, tLFf (tu-ra) : Army, rLDnLI (chum-lung) : Meeting, ofSmf (yaak-phaa) : Class, oIhL (yang-ju) : Crowd, sLFLK (ku-rup) : flock, ;SjfnLK (sak-waa-lup) : Swarm, ifnLK (ngaa-lup) : Shoal, xLKnS (hup-lak) : Gang, cXbfIjf nLK (o-daang-waa lup) : mob, ;xfIoLS nLK (sa-haang-yuk lup) : Staff, jfxlSnfcXaf dgfnLK (waa-hik-laa-o-baa ma-naa-lup) : crew, ;fDd]u[GnLK (saam-me-gen-lup) : choir, j[dLSnLK (wemuk-lup) : Orchestra, ;fSv]jf nLK (saak-khe-waa lup) : Panel, rLDeX (chum-bho) : board, clnf nLK (ila lup) : Troupe, o[hD (ye-jam) : Pile, sLwfs- (ku-dhaak) : Heap; Stack, rSnf (chak-laa) : Series, tfIaf jfxlT (taang-baa waa-hit) : Shower.

(4) mLdlI/Material Noun: 
mLdlI d[Kgfa[G rluXs-jfV ;fdf_kLdf of dLS;l of mTr[Nn[Sn[G mTnfF[G dlI v[G g`df of ;LMdf cf;LStLD. sL;lI _ vlF]k-nfV ;fDdfOIV oLSkfV xlNnlV gs-ofV c[;lNV gLV vl;]i-V ;fKnfV klTtLIu]CV nLI;[SsLDV gli-u]CV rfJV nLI_v]bLDV c}g[GV ju[Ff. 

A Material Noun is the name of a material or a substance or an ingredient of an alloy that we can see or touch. It is called as Phu-ming (Material Noun), e.g. Cotton, gold, silver, diamond, calcium, plastic, milk, fibre, paper, rubber, gem, oil, water, cement, glass, etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

;fdf_kLdf (saa-maa-pu-maa) : Material, dLS;l (muk-si) : Substance or Element, mTr[Nn[S (phat-chel-lek) : alloy, mTnf (phat-laa) : ingredient, g`df (ni:-maa) : see, ;LMdf (su:-maa) : Touch (here),  vlF]k-nf(khi-rayp-laa) : Cotton, ;fDdfOI (saam-myaang) : Gold, oLSkf (yuk-paa) : Silver, xlNnl (hil-li) : Diamond, gs-of (nak-yaa) : calcium, c[;lN (essil) : Plastic, gL (nu) : milk, vl;]i- (khi-seng) : fibre, ;fKnf (saap-laa) : paper, klTtLIu]C (pit-tung-ge) : rubber, nLI;[SsLD (lung-sek-kum) : gem, gli-u]C (nik-ge?) : Oil, rfJ (chuaa) : water, nLI_v]bLD (lung-khe-dum) : cement, c}g[G (ai-nen) : glass.

(5) jfgfDdlI/Abstract Noun: 
jfgfDdlI d[Kgfa[G ;LDaXV vfOk- of oLIjfF[G dlI v[G g`df of ;LMdf cfGpLSg[G. sL;lI _ gLj[GblIjfV gXjfV g;fglV dLStlDafV c]t-nfV vLg-jfV sLdLGV xlGhfCo[DV o[DalTpfC;fo[DV oXs-;fIV ;lofV dlSoLV gXbfV ofD;lIV ju[Ff.

An Abstract Noun is the name of a quality, action or state that we cannot see or touch. It is called as Waanaam-ming (Abstract Noun), e.g. goodness, beauty, honesty, bravery, laughter, theft, movement, childhood, boyhood, slavery, death, sleep, happiness, hatred, etc.

k]Ff | Word Meaning

oLIjfF[G (yung-waa-ren) : state (condition, statement), gLj[GblIjf (nu-wen-ding-waa) : goodness, gXjf (nu-waa) : beauty, g;fgl (na-saa-ni) : honesty, dLStlDaf (muk-tik-baa) : bravery, c]t-nf (eht-laa) : laughter, vLg-jf (khun-wa) : theft, sLdLG (ku-mun) : movement, xlGhfCo[D (hin-ja?yem) : childhood, o[DalTpfC;fo[D (yem-bit-chha?saam-yem) : boyhood, oXs-;fI (yok-saang) : slavery, ;lof (siya) : Death, dlSoL (mik-yu) : sleep, gXbf (no-da) : happiness, ofD;lI (yaam-sing) : hatred.

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Disclaimer: The Pronunciations written in English may not be accurate as per IPA of Limboo Language but it is just for immediate Pronunciation of each word. I have tried to write the pronunciation of each word that sounds almost exact in the language. So, you must watch videos of NOUN in order to hear the proper pronunciation of Limboo Words or Definitions given in Limboo Langauge.

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