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MCQ Thank You Page

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Thank You so much for taking part in the MCQ.

c[D;lsloL;Xg- s[hXs-kfcX nLId[GblI gXu[G tXg-bLI nX.


If you are a student of Bermiok Athing Rai Bahadur T.D. Densapa SSS, your marks will be treated as Formative Assessment.


v[g[C aUd]S cfylI F} afxfbLF- tlVblV b[G;fkf c[;-Vc[;-Vc[;-af glt-pfD;f jfCuq s[uTtLaf vfglg-xfC mUd]tlK c[;-c[;-d]t-F[ nful kXi-.

Your result will be delivered to your WhatsApp Number or Email Id.

s[ub[D_zSslG jcft-;[K of ;fDe]_clIiX xfs-tLD.

This test is prepared and conducted by Sancha Bir Subba for his students.

;GralU ;LefF[ sLglt-pfD;fxfCF[ sG ;Xg-glG ofFlK rXuLcfI cGnfclg- rXuLaf.

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