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Sancha Bir Subba is taking online tutorial in the Limboo language for the upliftment and promotion of the Limboo language. He has also created the YouTube Channel,  "Online Limboo Tutorial". You can subscribe to the channel and watch the tutorial video on YouTube. Click Here to visit the channel. Besides, he has been writing poems since his schooldays, which he publishes on his external blog called "My Poetry", Click Here to open. Recently, he has published two books on Amazon Kindle and other online book retailers. Click Here to open.

Sancha Bir Subba is also planning to sell his paintings, books, and other things online through this website. He also wants to continue his tutorial in the Limboo language as regular basis. But he needs some financial help to collect and develop learning materials for the Limboo language. So, he needs your financial help to move forward in the coming days.



You can contribute him using your Debit Card, Credit Card with Paypal or make a donate with Instamojo that supports Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Google Wallet etc., especially for Indian customers.

Only for Indians
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