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You can give a gift of portraits to your friends, relatives and others or make your living room stunning with my paintings and arts. Checkout my painting catalogue and contact me for your portrait, art, and paintings. 



Every Sunday evening, Creative Talk with Sancha Bir Subba podcasts on interesting talks and peculiar things related to our life. You will be fuelled to struggle with your problems and help you to move on. 



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My Instamojo Store

Solved Assignments of IGNOU, NIOS, Educational Software, etc.

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Image by Anastasiia Kamil

My Books

I write poems and short stories as a self-publisher. And I've published three books on Amazon kindle.



Check out my paintings: portrait, scenery, landscape, wall-painting, illustration, pencil art, etc.

Pencil Arts

I make graphite and coloured pencil arts on Strathmore art papers.



A language is not only the means of communication but it gives you an identity for a tribe.

Limboo Language is a regional language of Northeast India and widely spoken by the Limboo Tribe in Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and other states of India. This language is also spoken in Nepal, Hong Kong, UK and few other countries where the Limboo people are settled.  Despite of speaking Limboo language in and out of Sikkim, presently, formal Teaching and Learning  of Limboo language is available up to Master level in Sikkim only.  Recently. it is also initiated to learn and teach Limboo language in Nepal too, however, there is no formal degree courses in Limboo language. In future, Nepal may have formal honors degree in Limboo language.

You can learn Limboo language with Sancha Bir Subba from basic to advanced course including grammar. Basic and intermediate courses are already uploaded to the website. But the advanced courses are being under-processed which will be completed very shortly. You can learn Limboo language at your own pace with Easy and Simple Learning Materials and video tutorials (available on YouTube). Click here to visit the channel on YouTube.

For latest updates, please Sign Up on my websites and follow Online Limboo Tutorial on Facebook, YouTubeInstagram and Twitter.

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I express my emotions and feelings to my poetry. Especially, when I'm deeply sad and stressed, I pen down some stanzas of my poetry, that you can read it on my blog

The link will redirect you to my poetry (Saetry) blog.

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